Proudly made in NYC

About Lisa August

Lisa August is a fashion jewelry company in New York City run by mother daughter duo, Lenore and Lisa Commisso. For decades Lenore’s father, Augie (along with his family) was a successful trim and jewelry manufacturer in New York, and if you’ve been around long enough you may have had the pleasure of doing business with him. After 30 + years of running a business (Lenore) and 12 years of designing for their line, Bellissima (Lisa), Lenore and Lisa decided to collaborate on a new venture, Lisa August Inc.

Lisa August Inc. opened the doors to their beautiful light-filled space in Woodside, Queens in September of 2013. Alongside 7 fellow artisans, Lenore and Lisa design and produce a jewelry line made from Italian acetate. Italian acetate is a vegan, extremely durable plastic that is made specifically for the optical industry. Not only is it tough, it is also lightweight. The material is beautiful, almost painterly, with many hues and patterns. It is probably best known for its faux-tortoise pattern.

From the design process to the creation, a lot of pride goes into the finished product. Lisa August continues to utilize what some may consider by-gone manufacturing processes and antiquated machinery to instill the proper quality they are so proud of. While an ever-changing business landscape combined with a high speed technological evolution effects how we live our lives, it’s like a breath of fresh air for those at Lisa August, where creating and appreciating a finished, tangible product can still bring joy and pride.

Some of Lisa August’s favorite compliments are when their fans tell them how often they are stopped and asked where they got the jewelry. Or how it’s their go-to piece and what they wear the most. Then they talk about how comfortable it is. These compliments are what continues to drive Lisa August to come up with more pieces that make a woman feel confident, comfortable, timeless and noticed!